keskiviikko 29. elokuuta 2012

Barbababa travelling

My 2 year old niece gave me Barbababa plush toy to travel with me, when i left here. I promised to take pictures with the toy on, so she can see where her toy have been travelled. And i have to give the toy back to her when i go back home. So now on you can find that toy some of my pictures.

Saturday we went to Queenstown to see rail jams. Unlucky it was raining all the time when we were at rail jams. So we decided to leave before finals even started. First we went to eat some noodles, and after rail jams we went to one bar which has fireplace. To dry our clothes and to warm up.

Tuesday was my first day of riding after last thursday crash. Before that i have just been chilling and absolutely doing nothing.  On monday i went to the lake to take some pictures and found few pretty beautiful things from there. Hope now on i can ride as i have being riding here, my back feels already lot better than few days ago!

My seafood noodles, yummy!! 

In QT there were Gay ski week going on. 

Me and Meri at the rail jams, rainiiiing!

Stone hearts 

Views to town

Can't say what this bird was but it was huge!

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