perjantai 24. elokuuta 2012

Days off

Yesterday I crashed doing bs boardslide to down rail. Landed on my lower back and it's bit sore now. So i need to got few days off riding and figure out something else to do. Maybe gonna go tomorrow to Queenstown to watch Parklife invitational Rail jam. Few of my friends are riding there.

I went to see the physio today. It's just brused and sore. Pyhsio couln'd do so much about it yet because it is so fresh injury. But i will see her again in few days and maybe going back riding on sunday or monday. Depends how im feeling.

I was lucky that i didn't crash on to the rail. What almost happened. One of my friend here broke his back few weeks ago falling on his lower back, almost like the same i did yesterday. After the crash i was bit scared what happened. But luckily it wasn't nothing that bad.
Now i got time to do something else here in Wanaka. Hope i will get something nice to do!
Maybe doing some proper dinner some night for us girls and our neighbor skier guys. Night with wine, good food and chilling would be nice.

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