torstai 13. syyskuuta 2012

Family goes to holiday

Last week and half we haven't had the best weather here in Wanaka. It has been super windy, raining, storming and we even got thunderstorm at one night. Maybe three weeks ago i slept thru an earthquake. But luckily in last four days we have got some fresh snow, and it did save our season!
Now i hope we can ride almost a month more, then we take our car and leave Wanaka for a road trip around both islands. It's gonna be sick! Two months around a one of the most beautiful country in the world, I can't ask anything more.

Because of the weather we haven't have been able to go riding that much. We started to feel bit bored just being in Wanaka at our down days, so we decided to do family holiday to west coast. Our plans changed while the road to Haast Pass was closed. So we decided to go to east coast instead of west coast. We drove bit up to Omarama and then down to coast to thru Oamaru to Dunedin.

Poor Jake and wet shoes on first night of family holiday.
Moeraki Boulder rocks

In Dunedin three of six of us wanted to go to hostel to stay the night. Me, Jake and Bobby stayed in the beach sleeping in a car. At night we made a campfire to the beach, but it started to rain heavily so we
needed to stay inside the car whole night. In the morning we did campfire again, grilled some meat and marshmallows for breakfast.

Marshmallow breakfast

After the breakfast went to get Alice, Meri and Jules from the hostel and went to find a beach to hang around. We did find St Kilda's beach, which was beautiful. There we went to swim in South Pacific Ocean! That day was the first warm day we have had here this far. We could easily hang out just with our bikinis on in the beach, but the water was freezing cold!
Later on we continued our trip back to Wanaka thru Milton, Alexandra and Cromwell.

 St Kilda's Beach

Bobby, me and Meri did some yoga at the beach

The South Pacific Ocean was cold ! 

Few down days more, but yesterday was one of the best days!  Went to ride to Treble Cone some fresh pow, it was blue bird and i burned my face again! After riding day I did some homemade hamburgers for dinner for girls. It was better than Red Star!! Later on went to walk by the lake Wanaka under the stars. I did see three shooting stars, so i could do some wishes. Yesterday was a good day!

Down days

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