sunnuntai 30. syyskuuta 2012

Last week in Wanaka

Again its been a while since my last post. Nothing much has happened, just haven't had time to do it. Too stoked about riding or just being here! And I still don't have my own laptop or internet at house, so it makes things even harder to deal with. But I'm trying to post new posts as often as I can.

Now I have been six days without riding and gonna have at least few more. I hurt my shoulder while riding last Sunday, so now I have just seen physio three times and just chill with friends. It kinda sucks, we are gonna have snow anymore for a week or less if the weather is not good for us!! I want to go back there, shred and have fun with friends! And do some filming too before season ends!

We are going to give our house away at 8th of October. So we are here only week anymore! Sad face. Then the whole country waits for us to travel around. I would like to go to some farm and spent about a week there with sheep and other animals.
But no big plans yet, see what NZ is willing to give us!

Here is some pics you to see what it's like to live in New Zealand !

Lake Hawea

NZ has around 31 million sheep, there is 8 sheep for each human.
Camouflage cow
Kiss the fish

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