torstai 22. marraskuuta 2012

NZ for life

It has been a while since I last time had time and/or internet to write something to this blog. Last post was about last week in Wanaka, final days of riding and waiting for the road trip. Now it's my last week in whole NZ!! Can't really believe how fast four and half months has gone!

Last day riding up at mountain, Cardrona!

After leaving from Wanaka me and Meri continued road tripping around South and North islands. We saw some most amazing places and met so many amazing people. I could never believe there would be a country like New Zealand and people like Kiwis and other travelers around the world, it has just blown my mind. And now I'm counting the days to go back to dark, rainy, cold Finland.
I miss my family and friends so much, so it almost feels good to go home. But still I'm going to miss NZ and all the people I have met here.

While driving over 3000 km we experienced Milford Sound, the rainy West Coast, almost a week in a farm located to south-east corner of south island. Two days in Christchurch where you can still clearly see all the damage of the february 2011 earthquake. The ferry from Picton to Wellington and from there  670 km up to Auckland. While staying a week in Auckland we went to Snowplanet to have a last day of riding.

Milford Sound

After Auckland and all the driving it was time to settle down for a while again. The plans was to go and  try surfing for the first time of our lives. We chose Raglan, which is called as New Zealand's surf paradise. It's a small town with three points and one beach to find the best surfs in NZ.
With the locals help we found a 70's caravan for us to rent, located in a back yard of a flat. So we can use all the facilities of the house too. Pretty good deal, I could say!

Manu bay at Raglan !  
Now three weeks later it has been surfing almost every day, and just lying in the sun when it's good weather. For me only enjoying my last weeks of my 4,5 month holiday. I brought my own wet suite and I'm learning to surf with a short board I'm borrowing. So there is no challenges missing!!
It has been three summer days now, and the whole weekend should be nice weather too. Two days of surfing in the point called Manu bay and today I'm heading there too. My last days of enjoying the sun and surf. On a Sunday or Monday I'm going to Auckland and on wednesday 29th I'm flying off from the country! Sad face.

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